Cancellation & Refund Policy

moCal – Cancellation & Refund Policy
Effective from: 01st January 2024

moCal offers flexibility in managing your subscriptions. You may cancel your subscription at any time through your account settings. Upon cancellation, your subscription will not be renewed for future periods.

Depending on your subscription plan, you may retain access to your account data until the end of your current billing cycle. Please refer to your plan details for specific terms.

Data Retention

For security purposes, moCal will retain your data for the remainder of the billing cycle in which you cancelled. This allows you ample time to export any necessary information. After this retention period, all user data will be permanently deleted in accordance with privacy regulations.

moCal allows you to cancel your subscription at any time, giving you full control of your scheduling and planning needs. Simply access your account settings on either platform and navigate to the subscription or billing section - our policy guarantees it!

Your cancellation request becomes immediate; future subscription periods won't be charged as per your decision to end this service.

Based on your specific plan's terms, you may continue having access to all the data that has accumulated in your account up until the end of the month where you cancelled it. This allows for an easy transition and allows you to meet any outstanding scheduling needs effectively.

At our core, data security and privacy are of utmost importance. Following cancellation of an account, all associated data will be securely held until the end of the month that was cancelled in order to give you enough time to export or backup any needed files.

After the retention period has concluded, all user data will be permanently removed from our system to protect its privacy and security. It is crucial that any required data be exported or backed up before this step takes place, since recovery won't be an option once deletion has taken effect.

Our cancellation process complies with industry best practices, found across top time scheduling platforms, where users may choose either downgrade their subscription to a free plan or delete their account, thus wiping away all associated information.

Our dedicated support team is on hand to guide you through the cancellation process. Should any queries arise or assistance is necessary, don't hesitate to reach out for support! Our platform and policies are continually being enhanced based on feedback from users; your input helps us provide services tailored precisely to meet your evolving needs.

moCal's Cancellation Policy was designed with you in mind, to provide a simple and transparent experience when making informed decisions regarding your account. Trust in our platform is of utmost importance, so we take great care to provide a positive experience even if and when parting ways is decided upon.

moCal Free Trial Cancellation and Refund Policy

moCal offers a 30-day free trial to let you explore the platform before committing to a paid subscription. Here's a breakdown of our cancellation and refund policies:

  • You can cancel your free trial at any time.
  • To avoid any charges, cancellation must be completed at least 3 days before the end of your free trial period.
  • We do not offer refunds for charges incurred after the free trial period ends. This applies even if you cancel your subscription shortly after the free trial automatically converts to a paid plan
  • If you cancel your free trial within 3 days before the end of the trial and avoid any charges, you will not be eligible for a refund for any portion of the free trial already used.
Key Points:
  • The free trial is 30 days long.
  • To avoid charges, cancel before the last 3 days of the trial.
  • There are no refunds after the free trial ends, regardless of cancellation time.

We recommend trying out all of moCal's features during your free trial to ensure it meets your needs before committing to a paid plan.

60-Day Refund Policy:

At moCal, we take great pride in upholding a 60-Day Refund Policy as part of our dedication to user satisfaction and loyalty. Recognizing the need for flexibility in today's ever-evolving digital environment, we have implemented an industry-leading 60-Day Refund Policy across Professional, Teams and Enterprise plans. Our refund policy gives users 60 days from when their subscription fee was charged to request a full refund and fully evaluate our premium offerings in real-world scenarios. This policy underscores our dedication to providing exceptional quality and ensuring customer satisfaction at every touchpoint, but only applies to users who directly subscribed to one of our Plans without opting for a Free Trial period.

Within 60 days of their purchase price being made available for refund, our users have ample opportunity to evaluate moCal's premium features and determine whether they meet their unique needs and expectations. With this policy in place, users are empowered to make an informed decision regarding their investment in moCal - further demonstrating our dedication to transparency and user-centricity.

At moCal, our aim is to make the refund process as user-friendly and straightforward as possible, eliminating any obstacles or complexities which might prevent users from availing themselves of this option. At any time and without justification required from users requesting refunds - reflecting our respect for user privacy and autonomy of decision making.

Users looking for refunds need only contact our support team and provide their account details - the reason behind the refund request can be optional but will help us enhance our services. Refunds typically arrive back within 15-40 days depending on where the user resides. Irrespective of the currency in which the user has subscribed to the plan, the refund will be done in INR (Indian National Rupee). The refund will be processed after all the necessary tax deductions that are applicable for the service, as per the laws of the land in which the user has availed the service.

Following the processing of a refund, the user's account will either revert to the Free Plan or be deactivated, depending on the user’s preference and our account management policies. Post-refund, access to all premium features will be discontinued, reverting the account to its basic functionality.

The 60-day refund policy does not apply in scenarios where the user has made use of the CRM features associated with any of the plans. This stipulation is based on the premise that substantial use of our service constitutes satisfaction and full utilization of our platform. We also consider the fair usage of our services; therefore, in cases of multiple accounts or misuse of the service, as defined in our terms and conditions, users may not be eligible for a refund.

At moCal, we aim to process refund amounts within 15-40 business days. However, the timeframe for the funds to be credited to the user's account is subject to the policies of the user's bank or financial institution. Users are encouraged to consult their respective banks for specific rules regarding refunded transactions.

moCal reserves the right to withhold refunds in certain situations, including:
  • Inability of the user to provide complete and accurate information necessary for processing the refund.
  • If the refund has been processed through the payment gateway but not yet credited to the original payment source.
  • Requests directing refunds to a different bank or financial institution than the one used for the original payment.
  • Non-receipt of payment by moCal due to force majeure or other factors beyond our direct control.

If a refund is not processed within the standard 15-40 business days, the user may need to provide additional information or documentation of the original charge. All information provided for processing refunds is protected under moCal's Privacy Policy, which is periodically updated.

moCal commits to keeping users informed about the status of their refunds through updates sent to the registered mobile number and/or email address. Users acknowledge that moCal is not liable for any consequences arising from failure to update them about refund status.

For payments made using the moCal Wallet, refunds will be processed back into the user's moCal Wallet. For online payment methods, refunds will be processed either into the user's moCal Wallet or a valid bank account, depending on the details provided by the user at the time of refund. Once refunded into the moCal Wallet, the amount cannot be transferred to any other bank account or financial institution and must be utilized within the moCal platform.

User Non-Compliance and Improper Account Usage:

moCal stands by our commitment to ethical standards and legal compliance. This policy details our stance and procedure regarding refunds in cases where accounts have been cancelled due to non-compliance with our terms of service or engaging in illegal activities.

Noncompliance refers to any action which contravenes moCal's terms of service, policies or legal requirements; illicit activities include any actions that are illegal or go against ethical use of our platform. We actively monitor accounts for compliance purposes and reserve the right to take appropriate actions (such as account cancellation) should breaches occur.

Users whose accounts have been cancelled/ suspended due to noncompliance or involvement in illegal activities do not qualify for refunds as this would compromise our platform and standards. Each case will be assessed individually; in exceptional cases where extenuating circumstances exist, a partial refund may be considered at moCal's sole discretion.

As soon as any suspicious activities or noncompliance is identified, a thorough investigation will begin. Users may be contacted for additional information if needed and if violations have occurred they will be informed about why their account has been cancelled and why.

Decisions on refund requests depend on factors like the nature and severity of violations, duration of illegal activities and any potential harm done to other users or the platform.

Following account cancellation, user data will be managed in accordance with our data retention policy. In cases of illegal activities or fraudulent activities, data may be retained for legal reasons; all investigations and data management activities will take place while maintaining user confidentiality unless disclosure is required by law.

Users have the right to appeal the cancellation decision in writing within five business days of an account cancellation, should any dispute arise concerning either cancellation or refund decisions. Our established dispute resolution mechanisms can help them do this.

At our company, we take various measures to prevent noncompliance and illegal activities, such as user verification tools. Furthermore, regular communication and resources are provided to inform users about our terms of service and acceptable use policies.

Users should review our noncompliance and illicit usage policy from time to time in order to remain compliant, and take note of any modifications that occur. For any questions or assistance related to this policy, our support team is readily available to assist them.

Refund Policy for Account Closures by moCal:

moCal's refund policy for plan downgrades provides flexibility while remaining fair when billing and service adjustments need to take place. When users elect to downgrade, we provide an innovative solution where the value of their existing plan is adjusted against that of their desired new plan instead of offering direct monetary refunds.

moCal does not issue direct refunds when users downgrade from an Enterprise Plan to Professional Plan; rather, any amounts already paid towards that higher-tier plan are applied as credit towards their new lower-tier plan tier; this policy only applies to Professional, Teams and Enterprise plans.

Users can initiate a downgrade through their account settings by selecting their desired lower-tier plan and making selection. When downgrading, any remaining value from their current plan will be calculated pro rata and applied as a credit to offset the costs of their new, lower tier plan; it will cover as many billing cycles until fully utilized; this credit has no cash value and must only be used toward services on moCal.

This policy gives users greater freedom in selecting plans that best meet their changing needs without incurring financial loss. Furthermore, this process eliminates complex refund transactions, simplifying account management.

Before initiating a downgrade, users should carefully study both of their current and proposed plans, taking note of any specific terms related to either. It would also be beneficial for them to understand how credit works when applying it towards their new plan.

Credit remaining after the expiry of a plan cannot be converted back to cash and must be considered final when downgrading plans, as doing so may result in losing certain features or capabilities.

Our support team is on hand to assist users with any inquiries about the downgrade process or credit adjustment system, with an aim of maintaining transparency for billing and service adjustments so users remain fully informed.

Refund Policy for Plan Downgrades:

moCal's refund policy for account downgrades provides maximum flexibility while remaining fair in billing and service adjustments. When users elect to downgrade, we provide an innovative solution where the value of the existing plan will be adjusted against its respective new plan instead of providing direct monetary refunds.

moCal does not issue refunds directly for differences in plan costs when downgrading from Enterprise to Professional plans; rather, payments already made towards their higher-tier plan are adjusted as credit towards a new lower-tier plan; this policy only applies to Professional, Teams, and Enterprise plans.

Users can initiate a downgrade through their account settings by selecting their preferred lower-tier plan and clicking downgrade. When downgrading, any remaining value from their current plan is calculated on a pro-rata basis and automatically applied as credit towards offsetting the cost of their new, lower-tier plan - covering as many billing cycles until its entirety has been utilized; no cash value exists and this credit can only be redeemed against services on moCal.

This policy gives users the ability to select plans that best meet their changing needs without incurring financial loss. By eliminating complex refund transactions, this approach simplifies account management.

Before downgrading plans, users are strongly advised to carefully read over and understand both plans' terms and conditions as well as how credit works in relation to their new plan. It is also essential that they comprehend how this credit system will apply in their new arrangement.

Any credit left over after the expiration of their new plan will not be refunded or converted to cash, and users should be aware that downgrading plans may result in the loss of certain features or capabilities.

Our support team is always available to answer any inquiries from users regarding the downgrade process or credit adjustment system. Our aim is to keep all billing and service adjustments transparent to keep users fully informed.

Refund Policy Ineligibilities:

Although moCal strives to offer an accessible and flexible refund policy, certain situations do limit eligibility. Being aware of this can help inform users when refunds may not be granted.

Users who have downloaded and actively utilized additional CRM features available with any plan are ineligible for refunds as their usage indicates substantial engagement and utilization of the service.

Individuals or companies found using multiple accounts to take advantage of free trials or other offers will not qualify for refunds as this constitutes an abuse of moCal's services and violates its policy. Furthermore, moCal reserves the right to block such accounts if found violating this rule.

Subscriptions cancelled as a result of failing to adhere to moCal's community norms or terms of service are ineligible for a refund, particularly those accounts terminated due to engaging in unlawful, unethical, or inappropriate behaviours through moCal use.

moCal users who continue using its services after initiating a cancellation request will forfeit any eligibility for refund. Refunds depend on following the appropriate cancellation procedures as laid out in its terms of service; failure to do so will render them ineligible for refund.

Users who initiate chargebacks or payment disputes with their bank or credit card company may be eligible for refunds directly from moCal, since these matters are generally managed by that institution. Certain special offers or discounted plans may contain terms with non-refundability clauses that make these refunds ineligible.

Users who have made extensive use of their subscription, such as data creation, integration setup or significant feature usage may not qualify for refunds. Furthermore, users who violate moCal's payment terms - for instance through delayed payments or incomplete transactions - will also not qualify.

moCal is committed to upholding high standards of integrity and ethical behavior among its user community. In order to uphold these values, we have implemented stringent policies against any unethical use of our services; users who engage in illegal activities such as fraud, hacking or any criminal acts through their moCal account will not qualify for refunds as such behavior constitutes a clear breach of our Terms of Service that warrant immediate account termination.

Any activity which violates moCal's terms of service, such as misusing its software or harassing other users, or actions which harm its reputation or operation will disqualify a user from receiving a refund. Engaging in unethical practices like spreading misinformation for deceptive reasons, manipulating software for fraudulent gain or other unlawful acts will void eligibility for refund eligibility altogether.

Any inappropriate data handling on the moCal platform, including sharing, selling or exploiting user information without authorisation will result in account suspension and ineligibility for refund. Misrepresenting account information by creating fake identities or deceiving other users or the moCal system will result in account termination with no refund offered in return.

Noncompliance to community norms, such as engaging in offensive behavior, posting inappropriate content or bullying other users will disqualify users from receiving refunds. Users who repeatedly violate moCal policies or terms despite receiving warnings or previous actions taken against their account will not qualify for refunds either. Attempts at manipulating the refund policy through repeat subscription requests for refunds or sidestepping policy guidelines will render those involved eligible for future refunds.

Procedure for Requesting a Refund:

At moCal, our refund process aims to be as clear and straightforward as possible. If our services do not meet your needs and you qualify for one according to our policy, simply follow these steps to request one:

Step 1: Review the Refund Policy

Familiarize Yourself with the Terms Before initiating a refund request, make sure you have read and comprehended moCal's refund policy, including its specific terms regarding your subscription plan.

Step Two: Determine Your Eligibility

Confirm Eligibility Criteria: Make sure that the criteria set for eligibility include timeframe, usage conditions and any specific requirements related to your plan.

Step 3: Gather Account Details

In preparation of Step 3, gather the necessary account details such as your username, email associated with moCal account and any pertinent payment data such as last four digits of card used or transaction ID.

Step 4: Contact Customer Support

Submit Refund Request: Reach out to moCal's customer support team through any of the channels available on our website or app, such as an email address, support ticket system or section in your account settings specifically dedicated for refund requests.

Step 5: Provide Your Refund Request Reason (Optional, yet Recommended)

It is optional to provide us with the reason behind your refund request, however doing so can help us better meet and meet your needs by improving our services

Step 6: Wait For Confirmation (optional).

Once your request has been sent to our support team, wait for their confirmation before proceeding further with anything further. They may reach out with additional requests if necessary.

Step 7: Refund Processing

After approval, moCal will process and execute your refund with the original payment method used at purchase. Depending on your bank or payment provider, refunds could take between one to seven business days to appear back into your account.

Step 8: Monitor Progress and Conclude:

It is important that a confirmation email or notification regarding your refund arrives, then monitor bank or credit card statements carefully until all the money arrives where it belongs.

Step 9: Assess Your Post-Refund Account Changes Once You Get Your Refund:

It is important to remember that after receiving a refund, your plan may either revert back to a free plan or deactivate altogether depending on moCal's policies.

By following these steps, you can ensure a hassle-free refund process. Our customer support team is on hand throughout this process to assist and answer any of your queries regarding it.

Refund Processing Norms:

moCal understands the significance of offering our users an efficient refund process, with refund requests typically taking 15-40 business days depending on our global clientele base and banking procedures - giving users peace of mind knowing accurate transactions will take place! They will be sent a notification once refund processing has begun with an estimated timeline from moCal.

Refunds will always be issued in Indian National Rupee (INR), simplifying and aligning with our financial operations. Once issued, refunds are typically credited back to their original payment method; credit card refunds typically end up deposited back onto the card used to make the original purchase; alternative refund options should be discussed with customer support for consideration. Once processing has taken place, bank or credit card statements should be checked to ensure successful resolution and any discrepancies or delays should be brought up immediately with us so as to expedite resolution quickly.

Our customer support team stands ready to offer timely assistance if there are discrepancies or issues with refund amounts, providing timely assistance and addressing any related concerns. We greatly value our users' patience in terms of waiting times that depend on external factors like banking procedures and international currency exchange processes; but when questions or issues arise regarding the refund process they play an invaluable role in creating an enjoyable user experience.