Attain Academic Excellence with a Twofold Solution

moCal offers a comprehensive solution across the Education Industry.

With a 7 in 1 comprehensive time management solution, moCal offers a remarkable transformation in the Education Industry.

  • 80% Admin Cost Reduction
  • 90-100% Increase in Efficiency
  • 60% Enhanced Student Success

An ultimate master CRM for all your admin related tasks in the university/college

  • Create Sub Admin Management
  • Create staff admins Management
  • Deactivate & Remove Management
  • Create Guest Admin Management
  • Create department admin Management
  • Control All Admin Management
  • Permission Control Management

Master Your Schedule Excel In Academics

Empower your students with the power of time management!

Streamline academic scheduling to reduce costs, drive student success and enhance your student experience and services with our 7-in-1 scheduling platform- moCal.

Ensure that your students never miss important notifications, results & reminders for a streamlined academic experience.

Streamline The Path To Student Success

My Calendar

Seamlessly integrate your educational operations schedule with Alexa, Siri, or Google Calendar using moCal, amplifying your team's productivity. Simplify your planning processes and focus on essential educational tasks. Conveniently schedule events, set reminders, and arrange educational meetings and workshops.

Availability Preference

Take full control over your education timeline with moCal's comprehensive scheduling tools, rules, and buffers. Prioritize tasks like curriculum design, academic planning, and student services.

Team Schedule

Promote team coordination across various educational roles such as school administrators, education consultants, and academic staff by pooling scheduling availability.

Calendar Connection

Get real-time availability across multiple personal and professional calendars. moCal syncs up to six calendars per user to ensure harmonious coordination of all educational activities .

Work Flow Analytics

Leverage Workflows to automate personalized communication. Send custom emails and texts to colleagues, students, or parents before and after meetings or workshops.

Routing Forms

Optimize information collection from user inquiries on your website and fast-track their journey to the appropriate educational representative based on their responses.

Personal Branding

Enhance your school or educational institution's brand identity with moCal. Customize your calendar with your preferred colour scheme and profile pictures, creating a professional presentation for students and parents alike.

Set Reminders

Ensure important educational events or appointments are never overlooked with our reminder feature that is synced with Alexa, Siri, or Google Calendar.

Meeting Polls

Streamline the meeting scheduling process with moCal's Meeting Polls. Swiftly identify the most convenient times for meetings and schedule them increasing operational efficiency.

Smart Follow Up

Foster and maintain relationships with students, parents, and stakeholders using Smart Follow Up. Send custom follow-up emails for better engagement and long-term relationships.

moCal Commands

Manage your educational appointments effortlessly, from anywhere and at any time, using voice commands compatible with Alexa, Siri, or Google Calendar.

Data Security

With moCal, ensure the secure storage of all your educational data by implementing stringent protocols and adherence to compliance standards.

Connect your students, teachers and staff- All At One Place!

Are you facing problems in synchronising the schedules of your instructors and students?

moCal brings forth efficient 2-way sync which can effectively automate schedules of everyone together and bring in the much needed collaboration, every academic institution requires for seamless operations and success, in the current digital scenario.

Streamline the Path to Student Success!

The Student Admission Process is a cumbersome process that can take a toll on your Administration Department. moCal helps you make the process efficient and time saving with its effective automation features that can send reminders to applicants before their interview. Whether it be student enrollment or staff recruitment, moCal will be your go-to scheduling tool to simplify and streamline your admissions process and embark on a path to student success.

Opening Doors To Education Just A Click Away

In the current fast-paced times, where competition is fierce amongst students, it is pertinent for them to focus on their studies and manage time smartly. moCal helps students schedule student-teacher meetings in just a click. Make it easy for your students to book consulting and advising academic hours, so that your faculty can manage their schedules in advance as well.

Empower Your Students Enhance Student Accessibility

Students can face a tough time accessing their mentors and faculty at the right place at the right time. This can further hamper their mental health, performance and leads to losing out on precious time. moCal’s simplified scheduling will increase student performance by increasing their access to resources and services.

Give students the option of choosing a convenient time for an in-person or online meeting.

Be Accessible- In the time of need!

Let Us Create An Inclusive Learning Environment By Ensuring Accessibility In Education

Streamline schedules, coordinate with ease,
and focus on nurturing minds.

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