Streamline Auditions, Meetings & Other Schedules With Double Efficiency of mCal

Keep your scheduling, communication and engagement with the talent or client agile and robust, with seamless integration and effective features.

  • Smooth collaboration & scheduling
  • Real-time, automated reminders and alerts
  • Tailored automation and workflow customization
  • Team availability and coordination
  • Collaborative creativity
  • Publicity and marketing coordination
  • Uninterrupted productions

Empower your team, harmonize departments, and enhance audience encounters through meticulously tailored admin roles, guaranteeing a smooth and coordinated workflow.

  • Effective production coordination
  • Manage talent coordination and casting
  • Promotion and campaigns
  • Departmental synchronization
  • Deactivation and transition
  • Resource allocation efficiency

Intelligent Automation For Creative Vision

moCal's automation prowess transforms entertainment operations into a synchronized spectacle. Equip your team to seamlessly integrate scheduling automation across all facets of your projects

By seamlessly integrating technology and creative vision, moCal empowers the different sub-fields of the industry to deliver unforgettable experiences while optimizing efficiency and precision. moCal empowers your creative professionals to confidently roll out and oversee automated scheduling workflows.

Experience the Artistic, Effortless Workflow with Flawless Operations

My Calendar

Stay ahead and plan with moCal, which works across Alexa, Siri, or Google Calendar and allows efficient management of schedules and planning events and seamlessly integrates with personal and professional calendars for a harmonious workflow.

Availability Preference

moCal's detailed availability tools and scheduling rules cater to the dynamic nature of the Entertainment Industry, allowing users to set their preferences for bookings, rehearsals, performances, and recordings.

Team Schedule

Facilitating team-centric scheduling, moCal enables professionals to coordinate with their teams, delegate tasks, and collaboratively manage schedules for projects, tours, and productions.

Calendar Connection

moCal ensures real-time synchronisation with multiple platforms, including Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCloud, providing a comprehensive overview of engagements and avoiding conflicts in the busy entertainment world.

Work Flow Analytics

moCal offers in-depth work flow analytics, giving individuals and businesses valuable insights into their time management, productivity, and performance for continuous improvement.

Routing Forms

Streamline information gathering by intelligently directing website visitors or invitees to the appropriate department or resource based on their responses, ensuring smooth coordination in the entertainment business.

Personal Branding

Enhances personal branding by using custom domain pages, allowing entertainment professionals to create a distinct identity for their client interactions and promotions.

Set Reminders

moCal's smart reminders keep you on track with rehearsals, auditions, gigs, and meetings, ensuring you never miss crucial events in your fast-paced career.

Meeting Polls

Effortlessly send meeting polls to gather preferences and availability from clients, collaborators, or team members, making it easy to schedule group meetings, brainstorming sessions, and creative discussions.

Smart Follow Up

Get benefited from the automated personalised email and text follow-ups with prospects, agents, or talent, nurturing relationships and driving deals to fruition in the competitive entertainment landscape.

moCal Commands

With voice command integration through virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri, professionals can manage their schedules and appointments hands-free, adding unparalleled convenience to their busy lives.

Data Security

moCal prioritises data security, ensuring that sensitive information and schedules of individuals and businesses in the entertainment industry are safeguarded with advanced encryption and protection measures.

Unite Your Entire Entertainment Ensemble

Bid goodbye to the complexities of individual communication – moCal is your ultimate solution for orchestrating schedules across diverse roles within your entertainment production.

From artists to crew, managers to technicians, script writers to talent and casting, moCal seamlessly empowers your entire entertainment family with meeting analytics and a robust array of intelligent features and tools, ensuring a harmonious production experience.

Effortless Collaboration Meets Transformative Innovation

Immerse yourself in the world of effortless synchronization of schedules, streamlined coordination, and seamless communication. With moCal, the entertainment industry's artists, managers, writers, talent casting team, or crew can harmoniously collaborate with ingenious solutions to tackle challenges without the burden of juggling diverse platforms.

No Scheduling Conflicts, Only Seamless Communication

moCal seamlessly unifies tasks and meetings, ensuring team alignment.

Its platform simplifies scheduling and minimizes conflicts, enhancing team efficiency and harmony in operations.

Get On With Total Visibility & Alerts

Achieve unparalleled mastery with moCal, granting you total visibility and comprehensive alerts. Seamlessly navigate through every facet of your and teams schedules, tasks, and engagements, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time alerts, keeping you informed and empowered to make informed decisions. With moCal, you're equipped to manage your commitments with precision, unlocking a new level of control that propels your productivity to extraordinary heights.

Experience the magic of moCal – where scheduling becomes a seamless performance.

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