mCal Double Solution for Enhanced Scheduling & Streamlined Operations

A pivotal tool that addresses the challenges of patient appointment scheduling and healthcare provider availability, ultimately enhancing patient care, provider efficiency, and overall operational effectiveness.

  • Seamless Appointment Coordination
  • Healthcare Provider Availability
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Minimised No-Shows
  • Seamless Integration
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Prescription Uploading

moMaster serves as an invaluable administrative tool, offering structured hierarchy, efficient staff management, and centralized control over critical administrative functions. This translates to improved patient experiences, enhanced staff coordination, and ultimately, elevated healthcare operations.

  • Enhanced Administrative Control
  • Structured Administrative Hierarchy
  • Efficient Staff Management
  • Guest Services Management
  • Streamlined Departmental Control
  • Centralized Administrative Oversight
  • Precise Permission Control
  • Security and Compliance

Seamless Interact with Patients

Through automated pre- and post-appointment interactions, maintain constant engagement at every phase of patient care. moCal simplifies sending appointment reminders and requesting follow-up visits, seamlessly integrating with patient calendars for personalized scheduling. With moCal, you can elevate patient communication, fostering a stronger patient-provider relationship and delivering exceptional healthcare experiences.

Experience the Future of Healthcare Operations

My Calendar

Seamlessly integrate your healthcare schedule with Alexa, Siri, or Google Calendar using moCal to maximize your team's efficiency. Simplify your planning processes, allowing more time to focus on critical healthcare operations. Set up events and reminders easily, and manage your medical appointments and meetings effectively.

Availability Preference

Maintain full control over your healthcare timeline with our detailed availability tools, scheduling rules, and buffers. Concentrate more on patient care and less on scheduling logistics.

Team Schedule

Enhance team efficiency across clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare settings by pooling scheduling availability. Allow your team to focus on providing exceptional care.

Calendar Connection

Stay abreast of real-time availability across multiple personal and professional calendars. moCal syncs up to six calendars per user ensuring all healthcare appointments are coordinated.

Work Flow Analytics

Utilize Workflows to automate personalized communication, enabling you to send custom emails and texts to patients or colleagues before and after appointments or meetings.

Routing Forms

Streamline information collection from patient inquiries or referrals on your website. Based on their responses, expedite their journey to the appropriate healthcare professional.

Personal Branding

Enhance your clinic or hospital's brand identity with moCal. Customize your calendar with preferred colour scheme and profile pictures, creating a professional presentation

Set Reminders

Ensure important healthcare events or appointments are never overlooked with the reminder feature that is synced with Alexa, Siri, or Google Calendar.

Meeting Polls

Simplify the consultation scheduling process with moCal's Meeting Polls. Quickly identify the most convenient times for consultancies and schedule them with efficiency.

Smart Follow Up

Nurture and maintain relationships with patients using Smart Follow Up. Send branded follow-up emails to foster engagement and cultivate lasting relationships.

moCal Commands

Effortlessly manage your healthcare appointments from anywhere and at any time using voice commands compatible with Alexa, Siri, or Google Calendar.

Data Security

moCal ensures secure storage of all your healthcare data by implementing stringent protocols, demonstrating its commitment to patient data privacy.

Seamless Healthcare Management with Voice Commands

Imagine a hands-free approach to managing your healthcare operations. With moCal's integrated voice command feature, you can effortlessly update schedules, set reminders, and access patient information using just your voice. This innovative integration with voice assistants like Alexa and Siri empowers healthcare professionals to multitask efficiently, enhance productivity, and provide a new level of patient care.

Embrace the future of healthcare management with moCal's voice command capabilities.

Streamlined Healthcare Administration with Centralized Control

Elevate your healthcare operations through moCal's centralized administrative oversight. With a consolidated admin panel at your fingertips, you gain unparalleled control over a multitude of administrative functions. Seamlessly manage patient appointments, allocate healthcare providers, coordinate resources, and ensure compliance—all from a single platform. This streamlined approach fosters consistency, minimizes errors, and enhances collaboration across healthcare departments.

Connect Your moCal to Google Calendar

Bringing synchronization to a new level, linking your moCal with Google Calendar ensures your patients and their appointments are always up to date, regardless of the platform they are on. Access schedules of different patients seamlessly from both moCal and Google Calendar, and rest assured that your plans are accurate and complete.

Whether it's for your healthcare appointments or personal commitments, syncing with Google Calendar through moCal simplifies your life and helps you make the most of your valuable time.

Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare Providers & Patients

moCal serves as a dynamic solution that bridges the gap between healthcare providers and patients. With moCal's intuitive platform, tracking the availability of healthcare providers becomes effortless, paving the way for precision in appointment scheduling. By aligning appointments with the unique schedules and specialties of providers, moCal optimizes patient care delivery.

Moreover, moCal ensures patients are at the forefront of scheduling decisions. Real-time updates on available appointment slots empower patients to select times that seamlessly fit into their busy lives.

Streamline appointments, enhance coordination, and focus on what matters – your patients.

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