Two Ways to Remain Streamlined & Kickstart IT Sucess

Robust and adaptable way to streamline scheduling, communication, and customer engagement, while providing seamless integration and efficient technical support.

  • Seamlessly integrates with existing IT systems
  • Schedule tasks, meetings, and projects
  • Real-time communication and updates
  • Tailored automation and workflow customization
  • Direct technical support integration

Streamline invoice creation, payment recording, and permission control, freeing up valuable time for innovation and strategic initiatives.

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Streamlines financial management and reduces the risk of errors
  • Exercise precise control over access permissions
  • Integrates with other tools and software
  • Focus on more strategic and technical aspects

Empowered IT Excellence, In Your Grip!

Empower your IT team to effortlessly implement scheduling automation throughout their organization. With a strong focus on upholding governance and security standards, this cutting-edge solution allows IT professionals to confidently deploy and manage scheduling processes

Make Your IT Team Miraculously Streamlined Unlock the Way to Complete Control

My Calendar

Efficiently synchronize your recruitment schedule with Alexa, Siri, or Google Calendar using moCal to bolster your team's productivity. Simplify your planning process to focus more on critical recruiting operations. Arrange events and reminders conveniently, and manage candidate interviews and meetings effectively.

Availability Preference

Exercise complete control over your recruitment timeline with sophisticated availability tools, scheduling rules, and buffers. focus on sourcing, interviewing, and onboarding candidates.

Team Schedule

Maximize team efficiency across various staffing agencies or HR departments by pooling scheduling availability. Concentrate more on candidate engagement and recruitment efforts

Calendar Connection

Keep track of real-time availability across multiple personal and professional calendars. With moCal, sync up to six calendars per user and ensure seamless coordination of recruitments.

Work Flow Analytics

Leverage Workflows to automate personalized communication. Send custom emails and texts to candidates or team members before and after appointments or meetings.

Routing Forms

Efficiently gather information from potential candidates on your website. Accelerate their journey to the appropriate recruitment professional based on their responses.

Personal Branding

Showcase your agency's or corporate brand's unique identity with moCal. With customised colour scheme and profile picture, create an engaging presentation for candidates.

Set Reminders

Never miss crucial recruitment events or appointments with our reminder feature. Sync it with Alexa, Siri, or Google Calendar to proactively manage your recruitment schedule.

Meeting Polls

Simplify the interview scheduling process with moCal's Meeting Polls. Identify the most convenient times for interviews and schedule them to enhance operational efficiency.

Smart Follow Up

Sustain and nurture relationships with candidates and clients through Smart Follow Up. Dispatch custom follow-up emails to enhance engagement in your recruitment process.

moCal Commands

Manage your IT appointments conveniently from anywhere and at any time, using voice commands compatible with Alexa, Siri, or Google Calendar.

Data Security

moCal ensures secure storage of all your IT data by implementing stringent protocols and strict adherence to compliance standards, highlighting our commitment to data privacy.

Team Collaboration Just Got Easier!

Say goodbye to multiple communication channels and hello to improved productivity and streamlined workflows. moCal empowers IT teams to collaborate efficiently and ensures everyone is on the same page, driving success and maximizing efficiency.

Where Seamless Integration Meets Game-changing Solutions

Experience easy synchronization of calendars, efficient task management, and seamless communication. With moCal, IT professionals can work together seamlessly, finding effective solutions for complex challenges without the hassle of managing multiple platforms.

No Complexity to Rattle The Day!

moCal simplifies IT team management by offering a comprehensive platform for task assignment, resource allocation, and project tracking. Minimize the complexity and maximize productivity by empowering your IT team to focus on their core responsibilities.

Hit The Chord of Full Visibility & Control!

Empower your IT teams with enhanced visibility and control over their schedules, tasks, and deadlines. Ensures that every team member is fully aware of their responsibilities and deadlines, enabling them to deliver successful outcomes and meet project goals effectively.

Optimize schedules, coordinate seamlessly,
and focus on tech excellence.

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