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Time Management Solutions

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Master Your Day, Seize Every Opportunity

Say goodbye to the hassle of app-hopping with moCal, a SaaS-based time management solution to stop you from juggling multiple calendars and constantly switching between apps.
With moCal, centralize all your schedules and commitments, whether they’re for work or personal life. No more endless email chains and phone calls to set up meetings. moCal’s user-friendly scheduling tools make arranging meetings a breeze. Instantly see when your colleagues or contacts are available, making it easy to find a window of opportunity for collaboration.
moCal’s intelligent algorithms prevent double bookings and overlap, ensuring your time is used efficiently and avoiding those frustrating scheduling conflicts.

Never miss a crucial meeting or deadline again, thanks to smart reminders of moCal that syncs with your favorite virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, or Google. Manage Your Time, At Your Fingertips!

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Grab Attention Right From the First Interaction!

Make an instant impact on your website! No more email juggling, complicated processes, or even the need for an IT professional. Integrate moCal calendar effortlessly into your site, speeding up scheduling without disrupting workflow. There is no need for 3rd party login credentials; just start your scheduling journey from your company domain. Let visitors book a meeting with you directly, ensuring an exceptional experience for you and your clients! Showcase your availability and impress your clients in advance. Cherry on top? Customize your calendar with your company logo, name, and colors, making your website your personalized scheduling platform. The time is right and the time is now! With moCal, scheduling becomes smarter and more efficient—for you and your clients!

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One Company, One Team, One Unified CRM!

moCal is where team synergy meets unparalleled efficiency through a unified CRM. No individual calls to waste time; just take the team’s productivity to new heights. Seamlessly synchronize schedules, book slots, and start your meetings. No more scheduling conflicts and missed deadlines; moCal’s intuitive interface and real-time updates empower your team to adapt swiftly to changing priorities and respond promptly to client needs. Leverage meeting polls and assign teams to different projects. Send and receive automated reminders on emails and on your mobile devices through Alexa and Siri. End the endless email threads and time zone dilemmas, free up valuable hours for meaningful work and monitor your entire team’s schedule. It’s time to effortlessly coordinate, assign tasks, and manage appointments. It’s time to foster a culture of seamless teamwork and unmatched productivity with the scheduling power of moCal. Start your path to team success today!

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Your Calendar, Uniquely Yours!

At moCal, we understand the importance of aligning your brand identity with every aspect of your business. That’s why we offer a range of customization options that allow you to make moCal uniquely yours.

moCal gives you a compelling feature of creating a calendar under your brand name. Experience seamless integration with your brand narrative through moCal’s tailor-made calendar links and URLs, perfectly matching your corporate identity and maximizing impact. Create a unique brand identity with custom branding options, including personalized logo, gifs, calendars, and photo.

Fortify your brand’s essence through customization, reflecting your distinct brand ethos and guidelines and ensuring brand consistency across multiple locations. moCal also offers personalized Digital Business Cards, giving you an opportunity to leave an ever-lasting impression on anyone you interact with.

Your brand, your moCal – because your brand identity matters.

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Paperless, Powerful, Professional Go Digital With Business Cards

Experience the Ease of moCal’s Virtual Digital Cards, Your Ticket to Effortless Networking and Seamless Information Exchange. Creating your personalized digital identity is just a click away. Tailor your virtual digital card with details that mirror your professional essence; keep or delete any information you need. Whether you’re in healthcare, finance, education, or any industry, moCal offers industry-specific designs, leaving a memorable first impression. The innovative QR scan simplifies connections, enabling you to effortlessly share vital details instantly. And there’s no limit—create as many digital cards as you need for all your roles and send them from any platform—email, WhatsApp, or any social media platform. With moCal, networking knows no bounds; seamlessly share your digital card globally. Elevate your networking with moCal’s Virtual Digital Cards and make a lasting impression in the digital arena.

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Simplifying Data Management for Limitless Innovation

Bid farewell to complex data extraction processes – we simplify the way you handle your information, making it easily accessible and organized. When it comes to efficiently managing your database, moCal is the ultimate SaaS-based cloud solution that keeps all your data in one secure place. moCal empowers you to centralize your data effortlessly, providing a unified hub for all your valuable information. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching through multiple sources or managing data silos.
Our user-friendly platform ensures that your data is readily available whenever you need it, allowing for seamless collaboration and decision-making. Whether you’re managing customer information, sales data, or project details, moCal streamlines the process, enabling you to focus on what matters most - harnessing the insights and opportunities your data provides.
Experience the convenience and security of having your data at your fingertips. With moCal, you can trust that your information is stored safely and efficiently, ready to support your business needs.

Tune into the power of organized, accessible data with moCal.

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moCal Addon CRM - Elevate, Empower, Excel!

Discover a new realm of efficiency with moCal’s powerful Add-On CRM solutions, meticulously crafted to cater to your business’s unique needs. Streamline lead management, nurturing relationships effortlessly. Simplify HR complexities by managing leave requests, attendance, and candidate screenings seamlessly. Craft impactful proposals effortlessly, making every pitch count. Handle financial tasks with ease, from invoice creation to payment recording, suitable for both accountants and non-accounting professionals. Dive into our comprehensive master admin panel, providing unparalleled control over administrative functions. Manage users, permissions, and coordination across departments seamlessly. Experience optimized operations, focus on growth, and exceed client expectations. Elevate your business with moCal’s powerful CRM solutions.

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For HR Solutions

Transform Hiring Challenges to Recruiting Triumphs

As an HR Professional, your daily routine involves juggling multiple candidate interviews, sending multiple emails, aligning candidate schedules, and striving for that perfect equilibrium between speed and efficiency. Time is your most precious resource, and managing it effectively can make all the difference in securing top talent for your organization. With a 7 in 1 time management solution like moCal, improve scheduling efficiency, enhance candidate experiences, optimize resource allocation, and gain valuable data insights.

  • image Save 90% Hiring Time
  • image 100% Increased Candidate Screenings
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Become A Smart Recruiter With Smart Emailing

As an HR, sending multiple emails & responding can be a challenging, tedious task!
moCal makes it easier, simpler and more seamless.

With moCal’s Smart Emailing feature, you can now send multiple candidate invites at once with customisable form options which allows you to collect all the desired candidate details at one place.

You can mail all the candidates, your team, or different departments of your organization– all at once!

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Create A Lasting First Impression For Your Brand

First impressions are indeed the last impressions and an HR professional is the first face of the company while reaching out to potential candidates. Elevate your brand & company impression with custom & personalized branding that moCal offers. Make moCal your own calendar as it seamlessly integrates with your website and embodies your own brand colors & themes while you connect with people.

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Your Hiring Companion Every Step of The Way

Irrespective of the type of interview, moCal can be integrated with your schedule to provide a hassle free experience for any & every kind of interview such as :

  1. One - on- one sessions/interviews
  2. Phone interviews
  3. Panel Interviews
  4. Multi-step interviews
  5. Group Interviews
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Scan | Share | Connect | Hire

moCal comes with a Digital Business Card for you and your team that allows you to instantly share your details with potential candidates, clients & recruiters via email, text or Whatsapp. Just by one scan, candidates can directly view your details & book the desired slot for the interview on your personalized calendar.

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One Team, One Calendar

One of the best features of moCal is that it is a unified platform that gets all your team members at a common place. Easily schedule team or panel interviews with your team members in advance as per the availability to avoid overlaps & missed alerts. moCal also allows you to reschedule your meetings & screenings well in advance so that everyone is on track!

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image Stay On Track

Stay On Track With The Voice Command & Reminders Feature

moCal does not restrict your scheduling to one place, instead makes it accessible at your fingertips- from anywhere & anytime. By seamlessly integrating with your Smart Home & Office devices such as Google, Siri, Alexa etc. moCal makes it convenient for you to schedule at your own comfort. With moCal’s smart reminders, say goodbye to missed meetings & updates, and embrace the new era of recruitment & scheduling.

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image All in One

All in One, One For All CRMs

At no added cost, experience the power of all in one CRMs that come with moCal. Empower your HR department with Moris Media’s all-in-one HR CRM- moProHR. Experience transformative HR management by streamlining the recruitment process, elevating employee engagement, and smoothly navigating payroll operations.

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Navigate the Work Life Balance

Human resources are the best resources for any organisation. moCal helps you take care of your people. moCal has the transparency that aids in task management via a resource-smoothing procedure that not only ensures employee productivity but also provides a Work-life balance that allows them time and chances for growth at work.

Prioritise Your Human Resources!

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Business Digital Virtual ID Card

First Impressions, Lasting Connections – Power Up with Digital Business Cards

Instantly share your contact information with ease using a moCal digital business card – the ultimate hassle-free solution. Hosting a virtual meeting and need to effortlessly share your details, like your phone number, email address, and meeting link, with others? Enter moCal’s Virtual ID Card. Craft your personal or team’s identity with sophistication and send it to any platform you desire. Customize digital ID cards tailored to your preferences, complete with built-in QR codes and the information you choose. Easily share your virtual identity with anyone, anywhere, ensuring seamless communication and a lasting impression. Build your digital identity effortlessly with moCal’s Virtual ID Card, enhancing your professional connections with ease.

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Customizable Information for Tailormade Impact

Transform your networking experience with moCal’s Digital Cards, providing unmatched customization flexibility. Crafted precisely to your preferences, these digital cards empower users to shape their professional identity seamlessly. Including vital information such as phone numbers, email addresses, personalized meeting links, and addresses, moCal’s Virtual Digital Cards offer complete freedom to add or remove any detail you need. It’s more than just a digital card; it’s a dynamic representation of your identity, allowing you the freedom to showcase what truly matters. Stay in charge, leave a lasting impression, and effortlessly share the information that counts with moCal’s adaptable Virtual Digital Cards

iconBuild Your Identity

Build Card Designs That Set You Apart

Experience the tailored brilliance of moCal’s Virtual Digital Cards, meticulously designed to leave a lasting impact in your industry. Our innovative feature ensures that every user receives a uniquely crafted card, perfectly suited for their specific field. Whether you’re in finance, healthcare, education, or any other sector, moCal provides industry-specific designs that resonate with your professional identity. These cards aren’t just digital; they’re a testament to your expertise, making a remarkable impression with every exchange. Elevate your networking game with moCal’s Industry Specific Design Virtual Digital Cards and showcase your professionalism in a way that truly stands out.

iconBuild an Attractive Card

Scan to Connect! Instant Connections, Seamless Sharing

Experience instant connectivity with moCal’s Digital Cards, featuring the cutting-edge QR Scan option. In a blink, you can share your information with anyone, anywhere. No more fumbling with business cards or manual data exchanges—simply send the QR code, and your details are effortlessly transmitted in a split second. It’s not just a card; it’s your digital gateway to seamless networking. Elevate your connections, speed up your interactions, and make every moment count with moCal’s Virtual Digital Cards. Networking has never been this swift, this smart, or this impressive.

iconCreate your QR Code

One-Click Sharing - Network At the Speed of Ambition

Unlock effortless networking with moCal’s Virtual Digital Cards, a dynamic tool designed for the modern professional. Seamlessly share your digital identity across platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, text messages, and more—all with a single click. Gone are the days of exchanging bulky paper cards or typing out contact details repeatedly. With moCal, your personalized virtual digital card is readily available, ready to make an impact instantly. Simplify connections, expand your network, and leave a memorable impression, all at lightning speed. Elevate your professional interactions with moCal’s Virtual Digital Cards, because making connections should be as swift and dynamic as your ambitions.

iconCreate your Digital Card

Your Network, Your Rules Unrestricted, Unlimited, Unforgettable!

Unleash limitless networking with virtual digital cards. No constraints, no boundaries – create as many cards as you desire, effortlessly shaping your unique identity or crafting unified team profiles. These digital cards extend beyond individuals; they embrace your entire team, ensuring a unified and impactful digital presence for everyone. Break free from limitations, showcase your individuality, or foster team spirit with moCal’s Virtual Digital Cards. Leave memorable impressions, make impactful connections, and let your digital presence shine. Experience boundless networking possibilities with moCal’s Virtual Digital Cards, where your identity knows no limits.

iconLet’s Build Your Unique Identity

Elevate your scheduling, amplify collaboration,
and boost productivity effortlessly.

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